*****  Holy cow, INCREDIBLE!  I love the tapas concept, being able to eat a little bit of a bunch of different things is totally my jam!  

We lucked into this place after deciding the other tapas place was too far away, thank goodness for our tastebuds that our spirit animal is a sloth.

So what did we eat...Kobe Beef sliders, lobster ravioli, teriyaki meatballs, and Mac and cheese.

The sliders were perfection, but should be noted they offer several different slider selections also as specials so get out of your mini burger rut and try something new!

The Mac and cheese was creamy deliciousness and made me very happy!

The lobster ravioli was almost a little cold, but still delicious. I don't know if the goal was to serve it cooler to keep the lobster from becoming rubbery, but I wished it was warmer.  Still absolutely delicious. Succulent actually. 

Finally, try the bananas foster. I promise you will not be disappointed. Keeping with the tapas theme, the ice cream was served as small scoops with this RIDICULOUSLY good topping.  I was so impressed, especially not being a huge desert fan. 

In conclusion, it's so good here!  Make a reservation and take your significant other out for a quiet night together.   Sarah R.  Reno, NV  1/2/17


*****  What a wonderful experience! Quaint, well decorated, with an open kitchen. They have a very unique cocktail menu. I enjoyed the blueberry fizz. Excellent wine list and beer selection.  This is a small plate tapas style restaurant. We enjoyed sharing each dish. That way you can try lots! The server was perfect. He made suggestions and kept a good flow with the timing of dishes. 
We started with the Cesar salad and the poke. The poke was so delicious. It came with toasted baguette witch I thought was strange but it really worked. It was mixed with crisp veggies. The cucumber was a little bit long so it was hard to fork. It was fresh and sooo tasty. 
Then we had the fillet with purple potatoes, and steamed spinach with a lamb demi glaze. Each aspect was so tasty on its own but together exceptional. The fillet was perfectly cooked medium rare. It was so tender.
We also ordered the Mac-n-cheese with prosciutto. Nice and cheesy and came out bubbling. Went well with the fillet. 
Then we had the asparagus with poached egg on toast points. Unbelievable! So simple but done perfectly. Again, exceptional. 
Next we had the scallops on risotto. Holy cow! The best scallops I've had in I can't even remember when. So sweet. Seared perfectly. 
Each dish was amazing.  We almost ordered dessert but they were out of the chocolate option and we were full. Plus, I wanted to keep the taste of everything in my mouth as long as I could!  
WE WILL BE BACK. Lovely meal.  Shira R  South Lake Tahoe,  CA  12/29/16


*****  A small group of us ate lunch here right before Thanksgiving. Small plate places have been popping up around town, making it easy to sample lots of yummy dishes without feeling stuffed at the end of the meal. Sierra St. Kitchen has a good variety, offering just about everything you could have a hankering for. Service was super friendly and fast, and everything delish. We ordered several small dishes and shared. The Kobe sliders were flavorful; the stuffed mushrooms were little nuggets of amazing; Capres, bruschetta, and cheese plate were perfect for our vegetarian at the table; and the seared ahi and mini meatballs didn't disappoint. Will definitely stop by again soon!  Nicky W.  Reno, NV  12/6/16


*****  Really enjoyed our meal. I had the Beet Martini and my wife had a Lemon Drop. Both very good. I like a little bigger pour, but still good. 

We started with the bruschetta and the lobster ravioli. The ravioli was excellent. Probably the highlight of the night. 

We then had the seared scallops and the prime filet medallions. Both were very good. We preferred the scallops here. 

We closed with a creme brûlée and a banana bread pudding. We enjoyed the creme brûlée a touch more. 

Overall we enjoyed our experience and all of the food. Even though we preferred certain things over others, the food was very good all around. We will return.  Derek D.  Reno, NV  11/26/16


*****  A must visit restaurant in Reno, a lost Michelin in west coast! We came to Reno for thanksgiving holiday, and had a dinner here. We tried most of the dishes in the menu and none of them disappointed us! Highly recommend!  James C.  Cupertino, CA  11/25/16


*****  Wow! Luckiest of lucky salivating blind stumbling luck finds ever! We were on our way somewhere else when laziness prevailed; realizing what a long walk it would be from the Legacy, we settled here instead. That being said, we totally scored! This couldn't have been further from settling in any connotation of the word.

Before I get to the dining, I must say, the staff is great! Knowing they're mostly newer and then learning this was a busier night, they were simply grace under fire. Super pleasant, kind, cordial, and attentive, I was nothing if not impressed. The chef even made a point to interact with the guests and inquire of their meals, a humble (and well earned, confident) gesture. 

Being a tapas kind of thing we went with a litmus test of options and couldn't have been more pleased. The Kobe Sliders were deliciously complimented with caramelized onions and sharp cheddar, so dang good!. Oh gawd, Goat Cheese Mac n Cheese with Prosciutto. This is obviously not your moms out o'the box M-n-C, but it also couldn't have been further from that and closer to amazing! Also to our tastebuds delight were the Lobster raviolis, rich, and luscious, and decadent; the sauce was the perfect compliment and perfectly rounded this one out. Finally, the mini teriyaki glazed meatballs were served, as a foursome, with a small square of polenta and were simply delicious. I'm not much of a teriyaki guy but it was well balanced with the slightest hint of spice so as to mellow the sweetness. Another hit!

Now speaking of hits, we don't normally even look at dessert, but perhaps since it was small plates, it allowed for a bit of room. In any event we went way outside our comfort zone and tried the Bananas Foster. Remember, I said this was how the evening started, not settling, but scoring, BIG time! I'd return here just for this. It was amazing! I will say nothing more about it except that you should be here enjoying it instead of reading about it. 

Let me finalize this with two things, less important but significant, is a great wine selection. More important and very significant is being here as a couple, it was fairly easy to accommodate us as a walk in, but we may have been super lucky, so make reservations, especially if yours is a group. Bon appétit!  Drew R.  Reno, NV  11/19/16


*****  We flew into Reno and this place was highly rated on Yelp so we decided to see what the fuss was all about. We were not disappointed! The food was fresh and fantastic and the wait staff was very attentive. I enjoyed the lamb sliders and goat cheese mac & cheese while my wife enjoyed the crab cakes. Delic! Highly recommend!  Ryan L.  Aztec, NM  11/7/6


*****  This is a lovely little restaurant and the food was excellent.  I had the Asparagus which was actually a salad with several crisp asparagus, fresh greens, crispy prosciutto & garlic, an egg perfectly poached, Parmesan, and 2 toast points.  It was a delicious combination, and I would have been satisfied if that was all that I ordered.  Since I thought it was going to be quite small, I had also ordered the Prime Filet Medalliions with the tasty demi sauce.  Normally, this was served with the daily starch and roasted veggies.  I requested that only the meat be served since I didn't want to eat too much.  The meat was tender and perfectly cooked.  Overall the quality of the food was outstanding.  The service was also excellent.  My server was very helpful and ensured I got exactly what I requested.  The atmosphere was also pleasant and intimate.  Karen C.  San Jose, CA  11/7/16


*****  We've got a new fave downtown! Small, intimate spot without being too "precious." Perfect if you want a nice meal after a movie across the street. I love an eclectic menu, and this has something for everyone with small plates to share!  Steak tartare was delicious, as were the lamb chops. The grilled asparagus/poached egg starter was perfection. I should note there were plenty of veg. options, so don't be put off by our orders. We ended with warm apple pie ala mode - not too sweet or mushy. YUM. All enjoyed with a big red, and some bourbon from a nice bar menu. Service, we learned after a leisurely unhurried meal, was by the owner and she was gracious and friendly while leaving us our space. We just had a great dinner and can't wait to go back to try more of the menu! GO, go, go and keep this place around for me! :)  Julene H.  Incline Village, NV  10/31/16


*****  Here at 1130 even though Yelp says it's just open til 10.  Great place.  Good music, great food, and the owners are chill.  Will definitely come back.  Try the beet salad and kobe beef sliders.  Donald C.  Derry, NH  10/26/16


*****  We were visiting Reno and wanted to experience some of the local flare and stumbled upon Sierra St. Kitchen. This place might be small, but delivers big!  There were 4 of us in the party and we ordered: 
Asparagus - do not pass this up!  So many layers of goodness in your mouth! Who doesn't love a poached egg, bacon, Parmesan...oh my!
Mini Meatballs - Love these...sounds so simple, but my friends, the flavor of the meat is huge! 
Brussels Sprouts - From what everyone else said, there were amazing!
Kobi Sliders - OK - hello!  Homemade bun, amazing meat and so tasty!  The little pickles on top were sweet with a touch of... horseradish? 
Seared Scallops - these were the star tonight! Amazing!  The risotto was creamy, rich and just the right texture, not to mention the scallops were seared to perfection!
Prime Filet Medallions - This was just ok. But maybe we are just used to having a hunk of meat on the plate.
Cheese Plate - OMG so F-ing amazing!  Seriously?  We totally should have started with this instead of ending with it. Every cheese was yummy and there was a blueberry mash (crack) that was super addicting.
Bananas Foster - Probably exactly how it is supposed to be, the sweet tooths loved this!

Service was superb and the staff had nothing but smiles and great suggestions. I can't wait to come back to Reno just to eat here!  The bar staff also seem to know their stuff....don't be afraid to order your favorite concoction....and definitely try the Sangria. 

I don't think there is one bad dish in this place. I wish we had discovered that this place was the bomb the first day we were here, because it would have been our dinner adventure every night!  Suzie Q.  Las Vegas, NV  10/22/16


*****  I just went to the "Blues Feed" yesterday with a date for my first experience here and it was one of the best experiences I've ever had in a restaurant. Probably the best honestly. Service was phenomenal, drink choices and bartenders were top notch, and the food was 100% on point! I was able to meet the chef (his name escapes me) and the owner Brett and they were extremely welcoming and professional. I will be back very soon!  Jon D.  Charlotte, NC  9/15/16


*****  Quaint charming atmosphere, absolutely delectable menu, and great drink selection.

The wait staff is knowledgeable and passionate about tasting.

The bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese were a delicious blend of sweet and savory--a must try!!  Morgan R.  Frederick, MD  8/29/16


*****  Easily best restaurant in Reno.  Creative dishes and amazing flavor. We got the Bruschetta of the day (mushrooms filled with dreams), kobe beef sliders (get them.  You're welcome in advance.), and the Ahi tar tay (gawd damn delicious).  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! #Great4ADate!  Jesse M.  Indianapolis, IN  8/26/16


*****  I have eaten here twice with my wife, on two occasions with a business associate and with seven people for a large business get together.  Every time the food and service have been excellent.  The presentation of the dishes is great and the overall experience is one I would recommend sharing with your significant other or a group.

The decor and feel of the room and bar area is warm and rich, sitting by the windows and enjoying the passers by has a big city (New York) feel.  You can't go wrong here.  G.B.  Reno, NV  8/25/16


***** This is currently the BEST restaurant in Reno.  The quality of the food if impeccable and the chef makes some of the best, most creative food in the area.  I would say that the lamb on risotto is one of the best lamb dishes I have ever had.  Service was great, wine list is fantastic and the food is sublime.  Fantastic!  Mary K.  Scottsdale, AZ  8/8/16


*****  Had relatives visiting. Want to try someplace new and this place was amazing. Tried a bunch of small plates and every single one was a great! Cannot recommend this place enough. The chef even came out and spoke to us and told us about upcoming events and asked about our experience. Can't wait to go back.  Courtney K.  Reno, NV  7/30/16


*****  Came in here for a pretty rushed dinner before a show, and glad we did! I've really hoped a successful restaurant would occupy this space, since it's a neat setting just about Sierra St. I had asked for a window seat because the wife and I were celebrating our anniversary, and they made sure it was available when we came in.

Food was good! We started with sesame crusted seared ahi which was really tasty! Followed by the caprese which was solid. The balsamic drizzle was CRAZY thick and sweet, which worked well. I wonder what type they use. Next up were the mini meatballs which were DELICIOUS! The exterior had been browned nicely with a great crust, and the inside was moist and perfectly cooked. They came in a spicy sweet Thai sauce which we were pretty much drinking with a spoon. We actually ordered a second plate of this after our dinner they were that good. Next was the ahi poke which was our least favorite, since it was quite citrusy and tasted more like a ceviche. Would have figured more of a sesame flavor profile. Oh well. Also got the Filet Medallions which were certainly good but not spectacular. Finished off with a new banana bread ice cream dish which I really enjoyed. The bread was thick and dense, which I thought worked well in this instance. There were pops of salt crystals (in the caramel?) that really amplified the dish. Yes it's trendy I know, but still good.

Overall a very nice evening. They took great care of us on our 9th anniversary. Certainly envision coming here again sometime!  Scott K. Reno, NV  7/22/16


*****  I had the pleasure of being invited out for a few hours with a group on Monday evening filled with food and music. I have never been to this restaurant and I don't get out much generally but was happy with this quaint and modernly classy place. The tables and seating are great and nicely decorated. We were greeted kindly and immediately taken care of. The menu is clear and descriptive and the prices are considerably fair. I'm mostly a Vegetarian so my first instinct was to look for something I would like. They offered dishes thankfully that tended to this need.  So my first dish was The Caprese which was a wonderful because it had Tomatoes & Mozzarella my faves. The sauce was minty and played with my taste buds. The second dish was The Asparagus. This was an interesting concoction because of the poached egg and mix of flavors. I loved trying something different. Ahhhhh... Isn't that the joys of food?! Last dish was Hummus. I am a big Hummus fan and this was delish. The presentation was excellent. This seemed like what fine dining would be close to which is a truly new experience to me. Throughout my visit I was checked on often and it was lovely to be able to try something new while listening to a great artist. I highly recommend to anyone looking for some tasty food and a inviting intimate atmosphere. Many thanks to everyone for a wonderful time. -Troby F. Fernly, NV  7/13/16


*****  Great cozy place with a great atmosphere. Perfect for a bite to eat in midtown or a nice sit-down dinner. They have fantastic food and the owners are just really nice genuine people who love what they do and love their food.

They have fantastic cocktails, and for being super fresh and hand made cuisine they have a really reasonably priced menu too. Just all around great experience. It's seriously like someone thought of the perfect place to put right there on Sierra street. 

Every bit of food is exceptional quality and they really balance every flavor in every bite. They also offer more of the rarity items on their menu that you don't see in Reno, making it the perfect date place for the adventurous duo with an appetite. 

For the more posh they also have very nice events they put on including wine pairings with a 5 course meal so your other half can't say you don't treat them well ;). Drop the clichéd, overpriced and overcrowded spots you were thinking of for dinner or lunch, give this place a thought. They're located right across from Riverside theater (hint hint another date night) and THEY VALIDATE!!!

There you go... No more excuses. Try it.  - Mason F.  Reno, NV  7/12/16


*****  I love that Reno has changed so much and we have places like Sierra St Kitchen! This little space is fantastic. The owners, Brett and Nicole, are so nice and so knowledgeable. This is a fancy place but they keep it real and are very personable. We had the Dumol chardonnay on the recommendation of Brett who is a sommelier because they were out of Rombauer. The Dumol is way better. The menu is small plates, which is my favorite. We just stopped in for a drink and an appetizer and had the ahi tartar. They top it with a mango pineapple salsa which was amazing. The ingredients were clearly high quality and very fresh. The avocado on this was incredible. The menu is fantastic. Check this place out, you will not be sorry.  - Kara S. Reno, NV  6/26/16


*****  Great location and loved the ambiance. Ebony was our Server and she was wonderful! I had the Sierra Mule- it was so delicious! My husband and I shared the Beet Salad, bacon wrapped dates and the Brussels sprouts. Everything was perfect. The beets were huge and the goat cheese was the best I have ever had. We will definitely be coming back! The chef came out and asked how everything was and I really appreciate that, it shows they really truly care about your experience. Go support this great new addition to Downtown Reno :) you will not be disappointed! - Jackie O.  Auburn, CA  6/17/16


*****  Finally! The new spot downtown has opened.

And what a great experience it was! The food, the service, the location, all were just what we had been hoping for.

They are still in their soft opening so there are a few kinks to get worked out, but it was pretty seamless for having been opened only three days. 

We decided to go with the small plates and were able to sample a variety of what they had to offer. We started off with the Charcuterie & Cheese Combo. A very nice sampling of cured meats and cheese, fruit compote and crostini. A nice paring with our drinks. I had the Sierra Mule. A cinnamon flavored twist on the classic Mule served appropriately in a large copper mug. 

We then each chose two items off the small plates menu. First came the stuffed dates wrapped in bacon and crab cakes. The dates were amazing. The tender candy sweetness of the dates were offset by the creamy goat cheese and crisp, smoky bacon. The crab cakes were a little bit of a miss for me, but my dinning partners really enjoyed them. The crust was not quite as crunchy as I like it. 

Next were the Meatballs in sweet chili sauce and the Fillet Medallions with spinach and potatoes. The Fillet Medallions were hands down the all out headliner for me. They were tender, flavorful and juicy with a light reduction sauce. 

Our last pairing were Scallops on a bed of Parmesan Risotto and Steak Tartar. The Steak Tartar was fresh and tasty. High quality prime fillet was used and it was amazing. My son dubbed it "Steak Sushi". With the fresh raw egg yoke, capers, mustard and cooked egg all stirred in, it made for an impeccable treat. I cannot eat scallops (sigh) but the others said they were fantastic. Our server kindly brought me a bowl of just the risotto. Oh my! Creamy and rich and piping hot. 

And it that wasn't enough, we decided to sample dessert. We had Chocolate Gelato (from The Eldorado), bananas Foster, and Profiteroles with a dark chocolate sauce made with Dorinda's chocolate. 

Servings were very generous and we walked away completely stuffed. Prices were reasonable for the quality of food that was provided. Items ran from $6-15. 

The only minor complaint was that the service felt just a little rushed at first. The dates and crab cakes came when we were still eating the Charcuterie. I think a little pause between servings would have made it perfect - time to sample and enjoy and digest a bit before the next round of deliciousness was brought. 

I am very much looking forward to coming back again. I think this will be one of our regular dining spots.  - Nancy V.  Reno, NV  5/29/16


*****  Every dish I've tried has been great. Layers of flavor. Their tag line of "Small plates, big flavor" is on the money. When's the last time Brussels sprouts tasted so good? Or being able to order a beet martini? The wine list and liquors won't be found elsewhere - and that's a good thing once you try their cocktails. The staff has personality that along with the food will make this a favorite.  - Tom T  Reno, NV  6/17/16


*****  Great food, great wine, great service & great ambiance.  Can't ask for much more.  We went to Sierra St. Kitchen last night to celebrate our anniversary and it was a spectacular time.  We really like small plate/tapas style food and this hit the spot.  The menu has a great selection and good portion sizes.  The service was wonderful.  So happy to have this new restaurant in Reno.  I know we'll be back soon.  - Jessica T.  Reno, NV  7/7/16


*****  We have dined here twice since they opened. Great menu at reasonable prices. Everything was prepared well with nice sized portions that allow sampling several plates. Good wine list with full bar. Great place for dining before baseball, movie, or event at Pioneer Center.  - Gary F  Reno, NV  6/7/16


*****  Really awesome menu with a ton of variety. The service was warm and knowledgeable. Location was so perfect. They validate parking, family owned and fantastic food. Loved the small plates, open to making the small plate an entree if desired. Really very very impressed. Ambiance is beautiful as well. Will go back often.  - C P.  Sparks, NV  6/12/16