We at SIERRA ST KITCHEN & COCKTAILS are serious about our food, service and hand crafted liquor offerings. N. Sierra St. has become a restaurant destination and will now be even more popular with the addition of a vastly different menu and concept from Sierra St. Kitchen & Cocktails.  We look to compliment and work with the great existing establishments there now.

Explore a "fresh" small plate experience with seasonal flavors, bold spices and sauces, specialty handcrafted cocktails, intriguing wines, great beers and memorable service.  

This is the culmination of years of experience and award winning establishments in the food and beverage and hotel business for Brett Rosselli.  Brett grew up in New York and Vermont in the beautiful Adirondack and Green mountains area.  He attended the renowned and prestigious Cornell University Hotel and Restaurant School in Ithaca, New York. Brett is not new to Nevada and has owned multiple restaurants in Vegas, Reno, Hawaii, Oregon, New York and Vermont and worked with some of the greatest chefs in America.  Some of these great star chefs include Charlie Trotter, Wolf Gang Puck, Alan Wong, Roy Yamaguchi, Sam Choy, Jean-Marie Josselin, Russell Siu, Mark Ellman, Peter Merriman, Beverly Gannon, David Paul Johnson and Patrick Calleric.  

Brett has now returned to the ever growing food scene of Northern Nevada to create something really special for him and his family, most importantly his children (Makenna and Lorenzo) that have recently moved to the Reno-Tahoe area.  We will be focused on local foods and the ever expanding local beer and distilled liquors from the Reno-Tahoe area.  Brett and his fiance Nicole will be at the facility daily and would love to meet as many of our locals as possible.  So please come, enjoy and introduce yourself.   

Brett is also a Sommelier, which means there will be a large focus on the wine-selection and we will feature special events that highlight the wineries as well as local breweries and distilleries. Serving a delicious and quality food and beverage will be the focus.  We will also attempt to be locally oriented and affordable for the offerings served.  The small plates style menu will allow you to taste a variety of flavors in one seating, as well as pair the beverage of your choice with your different plates.  The menu will change with what is in season and freshest.  This will guarantee our guests the best possible products and flavors in town.

Our Kitchen includes the very talented chefs, Kim Wells and Danny Finn.  Kim has a tremendous background in the culinary arts and has worked is various positions in the kitchen.  One of her most accomplished skills is on the pastry side.  Each and every dessert is a highlight.  Danny, has many attributes to add to the crew as well.  He has lived all over and has food influences from Whales, to Spain, and to Louisiana.  He is talented with the ability to combine these flavors to make great dishes.

Nicole rounds out the team with an extensive background in high-end customer service and attention to detail from her jewelry and architecture industry experience.  Nicole will use all of her skills to keep the entire restaurant and staff of track to maintain our high standards.  This fresh view from outside the food and beverage business is very refreshing and allows us to provide even better service to our guests.